This is How Your E-commerce Blog Can Boost Your Sales

May 21, 2018   \   Posted by Above1 - Singapore Web Design Company



Many online businesses operate under a false assumption that direct sales effort is the only way to generate visitors and ROI for their online store. This could not be further from the truth. While important, this pure sales approaches can’t guarantee success nor should they be your only focus. Running an e-commerce blog for your store might be your ticket to increased sales and success!

Everyone who owns or manages a webpage wants one thing in particular and that is traffic. Same caveat applies to online stores. Traffic has to be one of the main goals. If you are selling quality products more visitors will mean more conversions, more sales.

Businesses often neglect their e-commerce blog, and content in general, mostly because they don’t really know what it means or how to deal with it. Most don’t realize that there are huge benefits to having regularly updated pages that contain links to their products.

If your online store has a blog then you know that the rewards you reap in SEO alone are enormous. Regular blogging gives your business a voice; it gives it a platform on which your customers can engage with you in a meaningful way. Not to mention that helps you rank higher in search with minimum cost. Google ranks freshly updated websites better. Posting a blog entry every day signals Google that your page is up to date and active. In return, Google rewards you with a better ranking score.

How to write a successful e-commerce blog?

This is a question many businesses struggle with and they really shouldn’t. The key is to keep your e-commerce blog clean and relevant. Your blog entries should provide important information and be clear so keep it simple.

The best e-commerce blog posts are those that address customer questions. You can’t go wrong with them. Every online store gets a ton of questions from buyers and potential buyers on a lot of different topics. Write those questions down and create a blog post answering them! This way you will not only provide relevant information to your customers but you will signal them that you actually care. Don’t let your competitors answer their questions for you! Sure, they will do the legwork but they will also get the business that could have potentially been yours. Answering customer questions in this format leads to increased conversion rates.

These types of blog entries are more likely to be shared by satisfied readers that were able to get the information they needed. Make sure that e-commerce blog you are running has plenty of links that lead back to your store and to your products. Don’t passively wait for traffic, drive it your way!

Writing your own e-commerce blog also gives you a chance to connect to your customers in a more profound way. Emotional connections are the ones that compel people to shop in their local store for years on end, even if means spending more than if they took their business elsewhere. Make use of that and tell your founding story in a blog post. Tell people what makes you unique and worth their attention. In short, blog and earn money.