Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing is a powerful social media marketing strategy that modern-day businesses have adopted so as to expeditiously increase customer traffic on the web. Given the seamless borders of the social media community, the trade possibilities are limitless, and so is the outreach. We focus solely on Facebook Marketing from fan page management, Facebook ads, Facebook contests, sweepstakes to quizzes to help businesses increase fans and brand awareness.   Did you know ...
  • Facebook has 1.44 billion monthly active users as of March 31, 2015
  • Facebook has 1.25 billion mobile monthly active users as of March 31, 2015
  • Approximately 82.8% of the daily active users are outside the US and Canada

Why Facebook Marketing?

Facebook has 936 million daily active users on average for March 2015. This is an incredibly huge amount of potential customers for your business.
  • Over 1 billion potential customers
  • More efficient spending of marketing budget – cheaper than traditional outbound marketing strategies i.e. newspapers
  • Domino effect of advertising due to word of mouth
  • Provision of real-time statistics maximizes one's campaigning strategies
  • Allows for a network of potential clients that has the ability to engage and influence to be established 
  • Precise selection of target audience made based on several categories (i.e. age, gender, location) allows for smoother tracking of ads based on one's campaign objectives

Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook Management This include creating your fan page, cover photo, profile picture, content research, copywriting, content calendar and measurement of overall engagement rates. Facebook Advertising Connect to your fans with impactful and targeted ads to build an audience for your Facebook page. Facebook App Development Reach out to over 1 billion Facebook users through engaging applications such as Games, Sweepstakes, Quizzes, Special offers and many more!   Contact Us for more info on our Facebook Marketing Services.