Linux Web Server Management

Linux web server maintenance and management is an essential critical service to ensure your server and websites stay secured. Poorly managed or unmanaged servers usually result in your website getting compromised, data loss and downtime.

Our team of experienced specialists is adept at setting up Linux web servers for clients. Whether your web server is in-house hosted, a virtual private server/ dedicated server in an Internet Data Center or cloud hosting servers from Digital Ocean/ Linode/ Amazon, we will be able to manage them. The Linux operating systems that we usually worked with are Centos, Ubuntu and Debian. Control panels.

Some of our Linux web server management services include:

  • Install Linux operating systems (Centos, Ubuntu, Debian)
  • Update Linux software and security patches
  • Set up LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL database, PHP) environment
  • Linux firewalls setup
  • Linux network configuration (network, hosts)
  • Tuning of Apache and MySQL config
  • Control Panel setup
  • SSL certificate installation
  • Enable cryptographic protocols TLS 1.2 and disable all SSLv2/ SSLlv3/ TLS 1.0 support
  • DNS setup
  • Managed Amazon cloud hosting service

Whether you have Web Host Manager (WHM) installed or direct root access via SSH, we will be able to manage your Linux web server for you remotely. Our SME clients outsourced their Linux web server management and web hosting support services for Linux to us. We have various cost effective outsource Linux web server maintenance packages or one-time outsourcing services for Linux web server installation and setup works.

Contact us now if you have any questions on outsourcing your Centos, Ubuntu or Debian Linux web server setup and management.