The Imperative of Using Stock Media in Web Design

May 21, 2018   \   Posted by Above1 - Singapore Web Design Company
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If you are new to web design the chances are you are struggling with great many things as most beginners usually do. While we cannot answer all of your questions there is one thing we can illuminate and it concerns photos and sounds that you choose to publish on your site. We are here to hit the nail on the head and tell you exactly why it is important to use stock media in web design.

It is very important to avoid using Google Image search as a one stop shop for getting your hands on some cool photos. You ask why? Well, primarily because most of those photos are copyrighted and it is illegal to use them without the express permission of the copyright holder. The other reason is that it is difficult to find exactly what you need and in the size and quality you need it in.

Also, if your site features background music or if you are uploading videos that contain music you need to make sure that it is royalty free unless you want to be hit with lawsuit. And that can cost you thousands of dollars so be smart!

This is why you should only use stock media! Web design is difficult enough without having to create custom media from scratch and stock media libraries offer some great choices at affordable prices!

Here is a list of sites you can check out that offer great stock media for web design uses! From photos to audio material there truly is a plethora of choices here that will help you do your job better! Some of these sites offer free photos and music that you can use which is great if you do not require very specific content.

6 Sites That Offer Stock Media for Web Design

  1. Unsplash offers an excellent selection of FREE stock media for web design purposes. The site regularly adds new photos of beautiful landscapes but requires you to credit the photographer somewhere on the site, which is only fair!

  2. WikiMedia Commons has a large database of royalty free photos and that database is growing constantly since hundreds of contributors add to it on a daily basis!

  3. Pixaby has a great choice of free photos, illustrations, videos, and vectors that you can use in your projects!

  4. Stockvault is a large community of professionals that offer free stock media for use in web design! The site also has a vibrant community that will help you get started and offers great advice about photography and other media.

  5. Gratisography is a project started and run by Ryan McGuire, a photographer with a keen eye and a steady hand that offers some of his excellent photos to you for personal and professional use free of charge! Makes sure to credit Ryan and respect his hard work in that way!

  6. AudioJungle is an excellent site that offers some great music and jingles for your commercial projects. The site features many different styles and genres of music and most tracks are under $ 20 and a royalty free!

So there you have a list of sites that will help you immensely when it comes finding quality stock media! Web design just became a bit easier for you! No need to thank us just keep up the good work!