How to Use Facebook for Business

May 21, 2018   \   Posted by Above1 - Singapore Web Design Company
Social Media


Now here is one item in the marketing mix that most businesses simply look over, at their own expense, if we may add. And if they don’t completely ignore it then they choose to neglect it. Using Facebook for business promotion is something that you should really be looking, regardless of your industry and here is why. Never neglect a platform that potentially connects you to more than 1 billion users!

Can you think of another social media site that carries so much weight today, both in terms of relevancy and traffic? Answering no would be correct, simply because there is no other like Facebook. When setting up a Facebook page for your business, keep these things in mind:

  1. Have all your relevant information on the page
    Make sure that you utilize your profile to the maximum extent possible. Display your logo, and have an appropriate cover page (you can change those with season, or to correspond to your ongoing marketing strategies). Have your info in the About Us section. Add links to your webpage and other content, and show contact information. These three things are the first things a visitor sees on your page, so make sure you make them count!

  2. Reconsider your content
    Make sure you post content that Facebook users like! Don’t re-hash your copy or your marketing campaigns on Facebook. Create some unique content for your followers. You can organize a raffle or a give-away, have a Q&A session, or feature a product. Give it some thought! You might even consider making a video or an infographic, something that represents your brand or your business. The better the idea you come up with, the more likely it is to go viral!

  3. Keep your followers in the loop
    Keeping the above in mind (not every one of your posts should be focused on driving sales), do keep your followers informed! Think of them as your customer base. If you are selling something, let them know when you’re offering discounts! Better yet, announce coupon codes on your Facebook page and convert your followers into customers (take a look at ‘Coupon Code Discounts - How to Use Them to Boost Your Sales’ for tips on using discounts)!

  4. Respond to feedback
    Good or bad, always make a point of answering any questions you receive on your fan page, regardless of whether they came to your inbox or in a form of a comment. People appreciate when you take the time to address their queries, and consider that to be good customer service. Also, handle criticism and bad reviews like a professional. Try to move the conversation from the page to your inbox and make sure to go out of your way to rectify anything that went wrong with that particular purchase.

  5. Make use of paid advertising
    Facebook makes it easy for you to target specific people, locations, genders, age groups, and pretty much everything else. Craft unique content, tailored to specific customer groups and advertise it, targeting those groups specifically!

  6. Measure everything
    Keep close tabs on your Facebook page performance so you can optimize your actions accordingly! The Facebook Dashboard is intuitive and easy to set up, and will provide you with tons of information regarding how you’re performing. You can check your following, likes, paid ad performance and a lot of other things on there. This will allow you to devise better strategies and identify potential pitfalls of your Facebook campaigns.

So as you can see, there are many ways you can use Facebook to grow your enterprise! Use it to support the entire purchase funnel, from creating brand awareness and consideration to driving sales. Keep your content fresh and engaging, and make friends with your audience. They will reward you for it!