Design Effective Squeeze Page to Skyrocket your Conversion Rates

May 21, 2018   \   Posted by Above1 - Singapore Web Design Company
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We can say that Squeeze Page is a capture page, or a page of compression of your traffic, or better yet, a page of capture of emails. It is the gateway to your sales target where you will turn traffic into leads. 

  1. Catchy headline
    The capture page is usually where marketers try to send all the traffic. Purchased advertising such as pay-per-click, organic searches, banners, anything that generates a click should target the capture page. It is preferable to use a capture page instead of sending directly to the sales page. Capture pages generate better long-term profits than sending visitors directly to sales pages. Use an attractive headline that makes readers want to visit your page.

  2. Descriptive supporting headline
    Capturing at the top of the page is essential. It is important to be specific and attractive at the same time, there are several options such as offering something that is immediate, transmitting trust, promising something, or offering an option for some specific item. For example "Discover the best plugin to attract traffic"; "Learn how to win € 1,000 in 2 days on the internet", the idea is to arouse the curiosity on the part of the reader.

  3. Tie in with a good promo offer or benefits
    In order to increase opt-in rates, many merchants offer incentives in exchange for an email signature. These incentives may include e-books, videos, audios, or access to a software application, almost always offered free of charge. You need the reader to enter his email to receive your offer, with the aim to start what we call a sales funnel that will be responsible for creating a relationship and also selling products. In order to get your visitor's email, you need to offer something in return. That is, you need to generate curiosity, the willingness of the reader to want to leave the email in exchange for that content you are offering. This content is called digital bait or digital reward. The user consuming your free material will have a preview of the quality of your content, so you can immediately know if it will be worth it or not stay on your list and continue receiving your emails.

  4. Prominent Call To Action button
    If you have been able to bring your reader here, congratulations. At this point, a button should be clearly visible to the reader, simple and direct, but that offers confidence. The goal is to get the reader to click on this button, which should be simple, very visible and direct.

  5. Short and simple form, only requiring email address submission
    After reader click the action button, important thing is to have an email form, simple, just fill in the email and a submit button, no forms, because they are boring and are half way to the user to give up, the button should be one of the main focuses of vision, therefore, Appealing.

  6. Minimal focused design
    The page should be simple and straightforward, without generalized points of attention. A simple design, a good background image or a neutral background, often arouse more attention than layouts with many colours and lots of visual information.

    Remember that in order to increase your conversions, you have to insert your capture page, everywhere, the more the better, because who is not seen is not remembered. You can insert the page into blogs, social networks etc.

In conclusion, Squeeze Page aims to get the contact of a visitor, be it an email address, social networking profile, or even more sophisticated strategies, a markup for remarketing purposes. After this capture, there follows a complementary stage of argumentation for the sale of a particular product or service, which can be done through email marketing or other channels.