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May 21, 2018   \   Posted by Above1 - Singapore Web Design Company
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It's not because we do a remarkably good work designing websites that are fast, lean, and contemporary – and we do all that. It's not even because we bring over 10 years of professional design experience to the table.

Here's what it is all about.

We know and understand our customers’ needs and wants. We understand their goals and how they tick. And the best part? It takes us less than an hour with you to know exactly what you’re looking for!

Most web design companies have a very complicated and laborious process of dealing with customers. They schedule a ton of introductory meetings, come up with dozens of drafts (that they charge you for), pester you about irrelevant details for weeks – and then come up with a halfhearted, empty-looking design that doesn’t fit your persona at all!

In the end, you are left with a weak website which will not impress your visitors nor will it lead to conversions so you have to spend even more time and money on making things right!

What Above1 Does Differently That Makes Us Better than the Rest

This is a fair question. To answer it we have to go a bit deeper inside Above1 company philosophy. As much as we love beautiful web design we are well aware that it also has to be functional, topical, and targeted.

Targeted is the key word here. At Above1, our web specialists make it their mission to get to know you as a client but they go above and beyond that. They also make it their mission to get to know your customers and your audience – the people who will be visiting your site and turning to you for help.

This is something we’ve learned while working in the industry for over 10 years. In order to successfully design a website, designers need to answer two crucial questions.

  1. Why that website?
  2. For whom that website?

Understanding your audience allows us to create a memorable browsing experience for them. It enables us tailor their online journey on your website and make it easy, intuitive, and fast. In turn, you get a satisfied audience and happy customers who are willing to come back over and over again.

That’s what allows us to stay at the top of our game as a leading Singapore web design company!


We Answer All Questions and Tick All the Boxes

Finding a web design company 15 years ago was easy as there weren’t many of them around. It’s completely different story today. Simply type in ‘Singapore Web Design Company’ in Google and you will see what we mean. You will get thousands of results and find hundreds of companies doing web design.

But are they all the same? Of course not! Here are 8 questions you need to ask yourself when choosing a web design company.

  1. What does their page look like? Do you like it?
  2. Is their portfolio easily accessible?
  3. Can you get a free consult?
  4. Do they have a good reputation?
  5. Have they been around for at least couple of years?
  6. Are they experienced in all facets of web design?
  7. Do you own the work at the end of the process?
  8. Are you supported after design work is over?

Above1 confidently answers all those questions with a resounding YES! Choosing to work with us means you will be getting:

    • Quality, fast and tailored website built with your audience in mind
    • Around the clock maintenance and support
    • Technical troubleshooting and consultations
    • Top-notch security features
    • Regular upgrades – desktop and mobile (if you opt for them)

If you absolutely need a world-class website for your business, you’ve come to the right place! Above1 experts from one of the top Singapore web design companies are ready to help you out. Simply drop us a line and we will contact you as soon as possible!