5 reasons why backlinking is the backbone of SEO

May 20, 2020   \   Posted by Above1 - Singapore Web Design Company

Are backlinks still important? There was a time when backlinks formed the basis of SEO. But as search engine algorithms are being updated, the importance of backlinks are slowly being dismissed.

However, backlinks are still equally important, if not more. They still form the backbone of SEO and this article will tell you why.

Here are 5 reasons why backlinks are an indispensable part of SEO:

1.     Increase in traffic

Backlinks will attract a larger audience, because it will include even those who were not your initial target. How does this happen? Simply put, backlinks tell search engines that your website is likeable, since it is being used in another content page. If the search engine prefers your website, it will inevitably be featured at the top and attract more users. This means that you will have an increase in click-through rates and conversion rates too.


2.     More referrals

The best thing about the digital era is that our businesses by sharing. Every content piece is focused on getting as many views as possible, and digital marketing only makes this easier.

In case of backlinks, you get referrals because other websites promote you. They ensure that your website is featured in their content and it reaches out to their target audience.

This not only brings you credibility but also another set of audience. This audience is highly likely to trust your products because they have been referred by the websites they frequent. You will therefore have the benefit of the referral system.


3.     Improve network

Building a website and getting into the flow is difficult. But what’s eternally more difficult is staying in that flow. Without a strong network, your business will wither away.

Backlinks help you to build that network and maintain your relationships. If you want an increase in the number of users who are getting access to your page, you need to have a broader base of audience.

More relationships help you in reaching that goal. In order to get started on backlinks, you have to reach out to innumerable website owners and form relationships with them. You have to pitch ideas to them and build that relationship of mutual benefit.

Your PR skills will come handy here as you will get quality backlinks and be able to retain your network.


4.     Manage reputation

Backlinks help you manage reputation because if you can get trusted websites to partner with you in linking back, your reputation and renown is improved.

Users are more likely to click on a link if they find it in an article of a website they frequent. Apart from this, even Google judges your reputation by the quality of backlinks you have.


5.     Create your database on the internet

The demands of the digital community are constantly changing, so you need to form relationships with the right websites at all times. Since Google keeps changing its algorithm, some websites may not appear on the SERP.

Quality backlinks help Google to group your content as a niche, thereby creating a long-term database.