5 benefits of responsive website

May 20, 2020   \   Posted by Above1 - Singapore Web Design Company
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A responsive website means having a webpage that is fluid. Very simply put, a fluid web design enables the website to fit the size of the browser. This basically ensures a design-specific experience.

Such a web layout enhances reader performance by making navigation easier. You will be able to view the website with equal ease regardless of what device you are using.

If you were wondering about the primary advantages of a responsive website, you have come to the right place.

Here we bring to you the top 5 such benefits:

1. Increased sales and conversion rate

If you have multiple sites, you will be compromising with several important aspects like performance and functionality. A responsive web design that adapts to every device eliminates this possibility.

It also improves the appearance of the website in general. You need to understand that for your website to drive traffic, it needs to be clean and modern, and also offer excellent UI. A responsive website therefore allows easy access to your website.

This is especially relevant for e-commerce sites and it will improve your customer’s buyer experience. This is because images will have a definite look and the product description will be consistent.

It will be a major disappointment if your users have to constantly zoom in on a product. Users can be impatient and they will leave. With a responsive web design, your users will have an excellent digital experience and come back for more, thus increasing your sales. Over 72% of users prefer responsive websites.

2. Higher SERP rankings

We are all aware of Google’s treatment of duplicate content which is inevitable in case of multiple sites. But with a responsive web design, you will have to build content for one site only. The URL remains the same no matter what technology you are using.

Moreover, your loading time is reduced through a responsive web page. Add to this the fact that responsive web layout also improves the function of SEO and thereby takes your page to the top.

3. One-time content publication

Since you are basically working with one site, any changes you make on the page in that URL address will reflect on every device that you use. So no matter your user is gaining access through phone or tablet or laptop, they will see the same change on every device.

4. It is relatively cheaper too

It goes without saying that one website costs less than multiple sites. A responsive web layout saves you a lot of time and effort.

Otherwise, you would have to invest your resources separately for a mobile site in addition to the desktop site that you already have. With a single website now, you will be able to save significantly.

5. Better UI

Ultimately, this is what you should be aiming for. And this one is the biggest advantage of a responsive web design. You will be sparing your user the hassle of resizing and zooming.

Your aim must be to make navigation easy for your user. This will automatically reduce your bounce rate.