Magento for E-Commerce Website
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What is Magento?
Magento shopping cart is an extremely powerful, flexible and scalable ecommerce platform chosen by 1 in 5 online businesses. Magento is an elite enterprise-class platform synonymous with high-performance e-commerce, empowering over 200,000+ online retailers to date (notably Samsung, Nike) and boasts of a whopping 800,000+ members in the global community.
Offering powerful and flexible features, Magento’s innate administration interface provides enhanced marketing, search engine optimisation and catalogue management tools to modify the appearance, content and functionality of every unique business.
Besides being your #1 choice to an all-in-one e-commerce platform, Magento takes things one step further by boosting your customer networks and increasing online sales.
Why Magento?
  • Open Source platform = Lower cost of ownership.
  • Large community support with many global developers dedicated to round-the-clock services ensuring the speed, modernity and security of the platform.
  • Popular and powerful enterprise-grade shopping cart software.
  • High performance and rapid page load speed.
  • Widely trusted & employed by over 240,000 e-commerce stores globally.
  • Supported by reputable billion-dollar giant owner Ebay.
Who Is It For?
Suitable for SMEs, large enterprises, merchants selling tens of thousands of products and websites with high traffic volume.
WooCommerce for E-Commerce Website
WooCommerce Expert Singapore, WooCommerce Developers, WooCommerce Web Design Company Singapore
What is WooCommerce?
Woocommerce is an open source powerful ecommerce plugin that has changed the online business game. It has become developers and store owners’ favourite solution for ecommerce businesses. The plugin was developed to integrate seamlessly with WordPress to allow ecommerce enthusiasts to sell anything easily on their existing WordPress websites and have complete control of their online business for maximum performance.
The ecommerce platform is flexible, versatile, easy to set up and access. It is a popular ecommerce solution that powers most of the online stores on the internet these days.
Since it is an open source plugin, it’s suitable for any business including small businesses. It’s designed exclusively for WordPress and you can easily boost your website SEO for brand awareness, online visibility and increased sales.
Why WooCommerce?
  • Works well with WordPress. All you need to do is to install the WooCommerce Plugin on your WordPress website and add your products.
  • Sell anything you want to the global audience. Sell anything - physical or digital products to anyone in any country.
  • The platform is scalable. As your business grows, your online store grows too. WooCommerce offers scalable features that meet your growing business needs.
  • Total control. You’re your own boss. The platform makes it easy for you to take control of your online store without sharing your data with any third-party platform.
Who Is It For?
WooCommerce is suitable for everyone interested in ecommerce business, entrepreuers, ecommerce startups and SMEs.
Shopify for E-Commerce Website
Shopify Expert, Shopify Web Development Company, Shopify Web Design Company in Singapore
What is Shopify?
Shopify is one of the most popular subscription-based ecommerce solutions in the world. The powerful ecommerce shop platform allows users to set up an online store easily and sell their products and goods. Shopify is renowned as an effective solution in the market that has helped small business owners and individuals grow their ecommerce businesses in an easier, quicker and effective way.
The platform has extensive features that make it easy for users to use such as storefront builder, shopping cart management, marketing, product management, and analytics. Shopify offers completely hosted plans with unlimited bandwidth and storage, and user-friendly Shopify Stripe Payments for processing transactions. It integrates more than 70 payment gateways and has checkouts in over 50 languages, thereby making it easy to sell products to customers anywhere in the world.
Why Shopify?
  • It’s easily accessible. 
  • Highly secure and reliable - Shopify deals with payment methods and set up including storage of sensitive customer information. Due to its hosted solution, the platform deals with server upgrades and maintenance to keep the store accessible at all times.
  • It is affordable. As an online store owner, you don’t need to worry about paying a large amount of money every month for hosting, website maintenance, and upgrades. Shopify provides affordable pricing, a minimum monthly cost for utmost services.
  • Shopify is incredibly responsive. It’s easily accessible on mobile devices. Your customers can access your store on any device and shop for their needs.
  • Seamless integration with social media platforms.
  • The platform is easy to customize. Shopify features a wide range of themes that you can choose to set up your store.
  • Access to SEO and marketing tools.
Who Is It For?
Anyone interested in online retail business can use Shopify. Merchants, entreprenuers, start-ups, and SMEs can also use Shopify to sell their goods online.



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